Corrections to Chapter 13 of Java I/O, File Dialogs and Choosers

p.367: At the end of the first paragraph, the quotation mark should be a colon.

p. 384: In Example 13-13, FileDumper6 should be FileDumper5. That is, the getMode() method should look like this:

  public int getMode() {

    if (asciiRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.ASC;
    else if (decimalRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.DEC;
    else if (hexRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.HEX;
    else if (shortRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.SHORT;
    else if (intRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.INT;
    else if (longRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.LONG;
    else if (floatRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.FLOAT;
    else if (doubleRadio.isSelected()) return FileDumper5.DOUBLE;
    else return FileDumper5.ASC;

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Copyright 1999 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified July 13, 1999