Corrections to Appendix B of Java I/O, Character Sets

p. 548: The small Greek letter delta (δ) is Unicode character 948, not 984. The small letter epsilon (ε) is Unicode character 949, not 985. Thus the offset of Unicode Greek characters from those in ISO 8859-7 is 720, not 756. The corrected text should read:

For instance, Unicode characters 884 through 1011 encode the Greek alphabet and associated characters like the Greek question mark (;). This is a direct transposition by 720 of characters 128 through 255 of the ISO 8859-7 character set, which is in turn based on the Greek national standard ELOT 928. For example, the small letter δ, Unicode character 948, is ISO 8859-7 character 228. A small ε, Unicode character 949, is ISO 8859-7 character 229. In general, the Unicode value for a Greek character equals the ISO 8859-7 value for the character plus 720.

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Last Modified August 16, 1999