Example 17.1.a: A window that can be closed

This example didn't get into the book. It modifies Example 17.1 to let the window be closed. It does this by subclassing Frame in a class called closableWindow. The closableWindow class overrides handleEvent to respond to Window.DESTROY events.

There are a number of ways this could be implemented. Here when we see a Window.DESTROY event, we just hide the window. You could instead call dispose() to completely destroy the window and its contents. You might also wish to implement a scheme where the Window.DESTROY event gets passed to the applet. There's no easy way to do this. You'd probably need to use a different constructor to pass a reference to the applet into the closableWindow class, then call the applet's postEvent or deliverEvent methods to move the evnt from the window's event queue to the applet's event queue.

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