Chapter 13

The exercises here are taken from my forthcoming book, The Java Developer's Resource.


  1. What's the difference between reloading and restarting an applet?

    Reloading clears all static variables and starts over again by constructing a new instance of the applet and calling its init() method. Depending on the platform reload may or may not reload the byte code from a .class file on the disk or on the network. Restarting an applet just calls its start() method. It does not call init(), the constructor, or reload the byte codes.


  1. The typewriter applet is really very basic. Try to spruce it up enough to pass as a simple word processor. This exercise is fairly open ended. Possibilities include

    Don't get too wrapped up in this though. You'll see in Chapter 15 that Java does provide a TextArea class that gives you all this functionality, essentially for free.

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