Corrections to Chapter 10 of Java Network Programming, The URLConnection Class

p. 248: In paragraph 1 near the top of the page "almost the same as Example 5-5" should be "almost the same as Example 5-6".

p. 252: Change




That is, delete the extra closing parenthesis.

p. 253: Change "The first header is zero." to "The first MIME header is one." in both the third and fourth paragraphs of body text.

p. 268: In the saveBinaryFile() method of Example 10-13, there's a likely IndexOutOfBoundsException. To fix it, change,

bytesread =, offset, bfr);


bytesread =, offset, b.length-offset);

p. 276, paragraph 3: Change "The request above contains two name-value pairs, separated by ampersands." to "The request above contains two name-value pairs, separated by an ampersand."

p. 278: In Example 10-16 delete the line int cl = query.length();

p. 293: change "The createURLStreamHandler() method of the createURLStreamHandlerFactory interface" to "The createURLStreamHandler() method of the URLStreamHandlerFactory interface"

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Last Modified January 5, 2003