Corrections to Chapter 14 of Java Network Programming, Remote Method Invocation

This chapter was based on early betas of RMI that ran with Java 1.0 and the early betas of Java 1.1. It's not perfectly accurate anymore, though it is closer than I had any right to expect. What I really need to do is rewrite the entire chapter using the release version of 1.1. However, until I get time to do that, I will note a few minor problems:

p. 350, Table 14-1: java.awt.Image is not serilaizable.

p. 352, Fig 14-1: The "Skeleton" block under the client program should be changed to "Stub". p. 359, paragraph 4: Delete the phrase ", just as the server did". The server did not do this.

p. 369: In the second sentence in the section "The LocateRegistry Class" "This is achieved with four polymorphic versions the static getRegistry() method." should be "This is achieved with four overloaded versions of the static getRegistry() method." Thanks to Jerry Peek for pointing this out.

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Copyright 1998 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified October 22, 1998