Corrections to Chapter 3 of Java Network Programming, Basic Web Concepts

p. 51: The last sentence on the page should read, "Although there's some hierarchy to the newsgroup names indicated by the . between netscape and netscape.devs-java, it's not visible as part of the URI." That is, remove the period after between netscape.

p. 60: In the first line of the first text paragraph, "HTT 1.0" should be "HTTP 1.0"

p. 63: In the first line of the first paragraph, "(HTT 1.0)" should be "(HTTP 1.0)".

p. 69: The last sentence in the first paragraph should read, "Furthermore, the client side interface to servlets is almost exactly like the client side interface to CGI programs, so what we say about talking to CGI programs will apply equally to talking to servlets."

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Last Modified December 21, 2002