Examples from Java Network Programming, 2nd Edition

If you want any one particular program from the book, you should be able to find it here fairly easily. The complete set of examples is available for anonymous ftp from ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/languages/java/javafaq/jnp2examples.tar.gz. as well as for browsing here. If you download this, please do me a favor and do not put this on any web site. Once mirror copies start proliferating it becomes impossible to correct any mistakes that are found. The canonical site for these examples is http://ibiblio.org/javafaq/books/jnp2e/examples/. If you're reading this at any other URL, you may not have the most up-to-date copy.

A JAR archive containing the most reusable examples (specifically those placed somewhere in the com.macfaq package) is also available. You can download it via FTP or HTTP, but I strongly recommend that you use FTP and do not use a Web browser to download this file! Many Web browsers seem to misinterpret this file as something they need to install rather than just a file to download. Because this JAR archive is not designed as a self-installing file, the Web browser mistakenly reports it as corrupt. It is not. You just need to download it with an FTP client, or a Web browser that doesn't try to do anything special with Java JAR archives.

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