Corrections to Chapter 1 of Java Secrets, Introducing Java Secrets

p. 8: Delete the "Where is the documentation?" subhead p. 9: Around the same time Java Secrets went to press, Sun finally made source code for Java 1.1 freely available for non-commercial use. Therefore change the third paragraph on that page as follows:

The second source of information is the source code itself. The JDK includes source code for all the classes in the java packages. Furthermore, Sun freely licenses the full source code for Java for non-commercial use, such as for education and personal education. you do have to sign an excessively legal document available from Even the easily available source code for the java packages and for Java 1.0 still reveals Sun has been very open about Java, and mmuch that is not obvious from the official documentation is nonetheless exposed in the source code.
p. 9, fourth paragraph: change "lsuch" to "such"

p. 10: Delete the first paragraph and the subhead on p. 10. It's no longer accurate. Move the second paragraph afher the third paragraph on page 9. If that's not possible, change this section as follows:

Prior to version 1.1 Sun made the source code for the Java Development Kit (JDK) fairly freely available. It was not hard to get a source code license for personal or educational use. Procedures for getting a free license to the source code have tightened up a little with each new release, and the time between when the commercial licensees get source and when the general public gets source seems to be getting longer and longer.

Apparently, the commercial licensees were more than a little peeved that Sun was giving away what they had paid substantial sums of money for; and Sun began restricting access to the source to make them happy. Nonetheless, you should by all means get a license to the source code for whatever version you can come by, even if it's a few releases out of date. Some classes have changed a great deal, but many are substantially unchanged since the early alphas.

p. 16: Change "Sun classes" to "sun classes"

p. 16: Delete the parenthetical remark "at least the code prior to Java 1.1, and replace the first comma in that sentence with a semicolon.

p. 17: Change "learn about" to "learned"

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