Corrections to Chapter 18 of Java Secrets, Character Conversions with

p. 600-603, Table 8-1: I several additions to the right hand column of this table, that is the Character Set column:

8859-4: Replace "Latin Extended C" with "Latin/Baltic"

Big5: "The big 5 encoding for traditional Chinese" (I added the word traditional)

Cp850: Change "DOS Latin-1" to "DOS Western European"

Cp852: Change "DOS Latin-2" to "DOS Eastern European"

Cp865: Change "IBM865" to "DOS Nordic"

Cp866: Change "IBM866" to "DOS Cyrillic"

GB2312: Change "Chinese" to "traditional Chinese"

JIS: Change "Japanese Hiragana" to "Japanese Hiragana (ISO-2022)"

p. 605: "This is a test" in the second paragraph should be printed in the Symbol font. That is you should see it written in Greek letters like This is a test. The next code blocks should use English letters, so they're correct. However the two remaining occurences of "This is a test" inline in the text should also be printed in Symbol.

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Copyright 1997 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified September 19, 1997