Corrections to the Cover and Table of Contents of Java Secrets

This page corrects various mistakes in the first printing of Java Secrets. Many are corrected in the second printing. If you've found any mistakes not corrected here, please let me know via email to

Front Matter

About the Author

Change "New York City's East Village" to the "Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn".

Table of Contents

Chapters 6 and 7 are in Part I, not Part II.

p. xxvi: "heirarchy" should be "hierarchy"

Back Matter

There should be a coupon in the back of the book for an upgrade to the current version of WingDis.

Back Cover

About the Author

Elliotte Rusty Harold is the author of four books about Java programming.

System Requirements

System requirements are Java Development Kit 1.1, not "PC with Office 97 running Microsoft Windows 95".

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