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Part 1: How Java Works
Chapter 1 Introducing Java Secrets
Chapter 2 Primitive Data Types
Chapter 3 Classes, Strings, and Arrays
Chapter 4 The Java Virtual Machine
Chapter 5 Byte Code
Chapter 6 Threads and Garbage Collection
Chapter 7 Controlling Applets
Part II: The Sun Classes
Chapter 8 Introducing the Sun Classes
Chapter 9 Using the sun.applet Classes to View Applets
Chapter 10 Controlling Audio Playback with
Chapter 11 Controlling the AWT with the sun.awt Package
Chapter 12 Encoding and Decoding Data with the sun.misc Package
Chapter 13 Network Servers and Clients in the Package
Chapter 14 Sending Mail with SMTP with the Package
Chapter 15 Reading News via NNTP with the Package
Chapter 16 Transferring Files with the package
Chapter 17
Part III Platform Dependent Java
Chapter 18 Character Conversion with
Chapter 19 Mixed Language Programming with Native Methods
Chapter 20 Creating Stand-Alone Programs

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