Course Administrivia

We start promptly at 6:00!

There will be a ten-minute break in each class.

Class attendance is not specifically required. Nonetheless it is encouraged, and you are absolutely responsible for what I say and cover in class. I reserve the right to change the homework in class from what's posted on the web site, and will often provide essential hints and information about it in class.

I understand that you may occasionally have work, family, or other obligations that make it impossible for you to attend a particular class. This is fine. I will not penalize you for it, but neither will I offer you special help because you cannot attend the scheduled classes. I often change or assign new homework in class, provide information about exams, or discuss topics not covered in the notes or the text. You are absolutely responsible for material covered in class and assignments given in class whether you attend or not. If you cannot attend class, you should ask a reliable friend for any information you may have missed.

Introduce yourself to the person to your left and right.

Policy on Collaboration on Programming Assignments

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