Assignments and Grading

If I had my way...

Homework: 50%

There will be weekly homework assignments.

Not all exercises will be graded.

You will have one week to hand in an assignment. (There may occasionally be multi-week assignments.)

Homework should handed in on paper with sample output and and/or screen shots by the beginning of the class one week after the class in which it was assigned. Thus if I assigned a homework on Monday, it is due by the beginning of class the following Monday. Late homework will not be accepted at any time for any reason.

I will not argue with you about grades.

There is no direct communication with the grader(s). If you have a problem with the homework, see me.

Later homeworks will be more complex, and thus count more heavily toward your final grade.

Midterm: 20%

Approximately the sixth week of class.

Probably one hour.

Final: 30%

???? 6:00 P.M., this room, 2 hours.

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