The class

The methods of the class are deliberately similar to the methods of the class. However rather than working with bytes, they work with chars.

The basic write() method writes a single two-byte character with a value between 0 and 65535. The value is taken from the two low-order bytes of the argument c.

 public void write(int c) throws IOException

You can also write an array of characters, a sub-array of characters, a String, or a substring.

 public void write(char[] text) throws IOException
 public abstract void write(char[] text, int offset, int length) 
  throws IOException
 public void write(String s) throws IOException
 public void write(String s, int offset, int length) throws IOException

Like output streams, writers may be buffered. To force the write to take place, call flush():

public abstract void flush() throws IOException

Finally the close() method closes the Writer and releases any resources associated with it.

public abstract void close() throws IOException

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