Available Encodings

Name Character Set
8859_3 ISO 8859-3 (Latin Extended-B) Pinyin, Sami, Croatian, and a few others
8859_4 ISO 8859-4 (Latin Extended-C)
8859_5 ISO 8859-5 Latin/Cyrillic
8859_6 ISO 8859-6 Latin/Arabic
8859_7 ISO 8859-7 Latin/Greek
8859_8 ISO 8859-8 Latin/Hebrew
8859_9 ISO 8859-9 Latin/Turkish
Big5 The Big 5 encoding for Chinese
CNS11643 Chinese
Cp037 EBCDIC American English
Cp273 IBM273
Cp277 EBCDIC Danish/Norwegian
Cp278 EBCDIC Finnish/Swedish
Cp280 EBCDIC Italian
Cp284 EBCDIC Spanish
Cp285 EBCDIC UK English
Cp297 EBCDIC French
Cp420 EBCDIC Arabic 1
Cp424 EBCDIC Hebrew
Cp437 the original DOS IBM PC character set, essentially ASCII with a few extra characters for drawing lines and boxes
Cp500 EBCDIC Flemish/Romulsch
Cp737 DOS Greek
Cp775 DOS Baltic
Cp850 DOS Latin-1
Cp852 DOS Latin-2
Cp855 DOS Cyrillic
Cp856 IBM856
Cp857 DOS Turkish
Cp860 DOS Portuguese
Cp861 DOS Icelandic
Cp862 DOS Hebrew
Cp863 DOS Canadian French
Cp864 DOS Arabic
Cp865 IBM865
Cp866 IBM866
Cp868 EBCDIC Arabic
Cp869 DOS modern Greek
Cp870 EBCDIC Serbian
Cp871 EBCDIC Icelandic
Cp874 Windows Thai
Cp875 IBM875
Cp918 EBCDIC Arabic 2
Cp921 IBM921
Cp922 IBM922
Cp1006 IBM1006
Cp1025 IBM1025
Cp1026 IBM1026
Cp1046 IBM1046
Cp1097 IBM1097
Cp1098 IBM1098
Cp1112 IBM1112
Cp1122 IBM1122
Cp1123 IBM1123
Cp1124 IBM1124
Cp1250 Windows Eastern European (essentially ISO Latin-2)
Cp1251 Windows Cyrillic
Cp1252 Windows Western European (essentially ISO-Latin-1)
Cp1253 Windows Greek
Cp1254 Windows Turkish
Cp1255 Windows Hebrew
Cp1256 Windows Arabic
Cp1257 Windows Baltic
Cp1258 Windows Vietnamese
GB2312 Chinese
JIS Japanese Hiragana
JIS0208 Japanese
KSC5601 Korean
MacArabic The Macintosh Arabic character set
MacCentralEurope The Macintosh Central European character set
MacCroatian The Macintosh Croatian character set
MacCyrillic The Macintosh Cyrillic character set
MacDingbat Zapf Dingbats
MacGreek The Macintosh modern Greek character set
MacHebrew The Macintosh Hebrew character set
MacIceland The Macintosh Icelandic character set
MacRoman The Macintosh Roman character set
MacRomania The Macintosh Romanian character set
MacSymbol The Symbol font (includes a complete Greek alphabet in place of the usual Roman letters)
MacThai The Macintosh Thai character set
MacTurkish The Macintosh Turkish character set
MacUkraine The Macintosh Ukrainian character set
SJIS Windows Japanese
UTF8 UCS Transformation Format, 8-bit form
Unicode Normal Unicode
UnicodeBig Unicode with big-endian byte order

Note that just because Java can read and write the appropriate bytes for a character set does not mean the host platform has the fonts needed to display that character set.

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Last Modified April 8, 1997