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Book Cover, Gyroscope

My second book, Java Network Programming, is now available from O'Reilly & Associates. This book combines a general introduction to application layer network programming with complete coverage of Java's networking classes. No prior experience with network programming is assumed. Among other topics you'll learn about Sockets, Server Sockets, UDP and TCP traffic, Internet addresses, URLs, HTTP, HTML, and how all of these are handled in Java. Most uniquely, as of February, 1997, this is the only book I know that provides up-to-date and accurate coverage of protocol handlers, content handlers, multicast sockets, and remote method invocation (RMI).

Manning Publications has also recently published a book titled Java Network Programming. It's not a bad book, and is surprisingly orthogonal to mine. About 2/3 of that book is streams and encryption which I only touch on. My book covers servlets, applets, multicast sockets, and Java 1.1 which that book doesn't discuss in any depth. The matching titles appear to be just unlucky choices. Both publishers went with the most obvious title they could think of. However the cover of the Manning book has a big fish, and looks suspiciously like an O'Reilly book. Don't be fooled. The real O'Reilly book has a gyroscope on the cover.

You can download the examples from Java Network Programming now from O'Reilly also has the table of contents and index on their web site.

Java Network Programming is $34.95, ISBN number 1-56592-227-1, and is available now from any bookstore that stocks computer books including

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