Future Directions

After the thirteen weeks of this course, you've got a fairly solid grounding in the basics of Java and more than a few advanced topics. Most of you should be able to go out into the job market right now and get work as a Java programmer.

Nonetheless, Java is a rapidly changing field. When we started this course back in January, the JDK was at 1.1.7. It's now two releases past that (1.2.1). For what it's worth, while Java 1.2 adds a number of new APIs for things like drag and drop, most of what you've learned in this class should still be valid. I do not expect that what exists now will be deprecated as many methods and classes of Java 1.0 were when Java 1.1 appeared.

What I want to do now is give some quick overviews of topics we haven't had time to cover this semester, to show you where you might profitably spend your time in the future.

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