Week 13 Exercises

  1. Add printing support to the logistic equation application.
  2. Make it a runnable JAR archive under Java 1.2

Of course it should also have all the functionality you've built up over the last few weeks including menus, multiple windows, saving and opening files, and so on.

Place all source code files for your program and the jar file on a PC format floppy disk with your name, email address, and student ID number, and bring it with you to the final exam to be handed in.

There are no extensions to this assignment! If you cannot finish it on time, do as much as you can and bring what you've got to the final exam. This will count for approximately 50% of your final exam grade. If I do not get a readable floppy disk or a decipherable email from you, by the start of the final exam, you will get no points for this assignment.

The assignment will be graded on a number of factors including but not limited to: correctness of code, proper functioning of the application, clarity of code, object oriented design, efficiency, robustness, and user interface.

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