Spacing Preferences

The APPLET element has several attributes to define how it is positioned on the page.

The ALIGN attribute defines how the applet's rectangle is placed on the page relative to other elements. Possible values include LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, TEXTTOP, MIDDLE, ABSMIDDLE, BASELINE, BOTTOM and ABSBOTTOM. This attribute is optional.

You can specify an HSPACE and a VSPACE in pixels to set the amount of blank space between an applet and the surrounding text. The HSPACE and VSPACE attributes are optional.

<applet code="HelloWorldApplet" 
codebase="" width="200" height="200"
align="right" hspace="5" vspace="10">

The ALIGN, HSPACE, and VSPACE attributes are identical to the attributes of the same name used by the <IMG> tag.

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