Methods of java.awt.Choice

The Choice class has a number of methods to add, remove, and return different items from the list. The list starts counting at 0.

  public int    getItemCount()
  public String getItem(int index)
  public void   add(String item)
  public void   addItem(String item)
  public void   insert(String item, int position)
  public void   remove(String item)
  public void   remove(int position)
  public void   removeAll()

However, most of the item you'll just build the Choice when the applet starts up, and not modify it later.

These methods get or set the current selected item in the Choice, that is the item that's shown.

  public void     removeAll()
  public String   getSelectedItem()
  public Object[] getSelectedObjects()
  public int      getSelectedIndex()
  public void     select(int position)
  public void     select(String item)

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