Java News from Friday, November 7, 2003

Tom Copeland has released PMD 1.3, an open source tool for automatically checking Java code for various classes of bugs. PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems including:

I've used past versions of PMD, but this release seems to be completely non-functional, probably because the rule sets are missing from the distribution. It doesn't help that the documentation is poor, out of date, and often contradictory. The user interface is even worse, a very common problem for these sorts of tools that's hardly unique to PMD. I suppose the personalities that are good at writing syntax checkers and compilers don't tend to excel at human-computer interface design or documentation. :-( Despite the version number I wouldn't classify this as release quality.

The Big Faceless Organization has released the Big Faceless PDF Library 2.0, a $400 payware (more if you want support) Java class library for creating PDF documents. The $1000 Extended Edition adds the AcroForms support, digital signatures, and the ability to import and edit and existing PDF documents. New features in 2.0 include alpha transparency and support for multibyte fonts. Java 1.2 or later is required.