Java News from Thursday, January 1, 2004

Happy New Year. This is normally the point where I make a lot of promises about cool new features for this site that don't come to pass. However, for 2004 my plans are focused in on other areas. My goals for this year are three third editions, at least one peer-reviewed paper, and 1.0 releases of XOM and XQuisitor. has released Java XTools 1.15, an open source collection of enhanced functions and features for Java 3D. It includes an enhanced BranchGroup Node; object loaders for Renderware .rwx files, Caligari TrueSpace .cob and .scn files, and Alias/Wavefront Maya .obj and .mtl-files; a light-object for a visible light using a lensflare-like effect; RotationInterpolators for combinations of the X-, Y-, and Z-axes, a text to texture converter, a ByteArrayReader, and caching data download classes. XTools is published under the GPL.