Java News from Monday, January 26, 2004

Does anyone know of any third-party, non-Sun JSSE providers? Open or closed source, payware or free beer are all of interest. If so, can you please drop me a line with the URL. Thanks. So far I'm aware of Casey Marshall's Jessie. Is there anything else?

The Apache Jakarta Project has released Commons Collections 3.0, an open source library that extends and augments the Java Collections Framework. It includes:

Version 0.6 of jTDS has been released. jTDS is a 100% pure Java (Type 4) open source JDBC 2.0 driver for the Microsoft SQL Server series (6.5, 7.x and 2000). It's originally based on the work of the FreeTDS project. Besides fixing bugs, Version 0.6 provides basic BLOB and CLOB support and implements PreparedStatement.SetAsciiStream and SetUnicodeStream. jTDS is published under a BSD license.

Bodo Tasche has posted JCalendar 0.7.51, an open source calendar GUI widget for Java that "provides a ComboBox (JCalendarComboBox) for selecting a Date and a simple Panel (JCalendarPanel) for showing and editing a Date." This release adds support for Spanish and Chinese and fixes a few bugs. JCalendar is published under a BSD license.

Websina has released BugZero 3.3.3, a $999 payware Web-based bug tracking system that supports multiple projects, group-based access, automatic bug assignment, file attachment, email notification, and metric reports. Bug Zero is written in Java and can run on top of various backend databases including MySQL. 3.3.3 is a bug fix release.