Java News from Friday, July 23, 2004

I've posted the fourth alpha release of XOM 1.0, my free-as-in-speech library for processing XML with Java. While there are still some flaky parts in the internals to be worked out in the next release — there's a nasty bug involving FIXED default attribute values in the internal DTD subset, and the XSLT processing is not completely compatible with the latest versions of Xalan — the API is now considered to be complete and frozen. Code you write to XOM today should not require recompilation against any future 1.x release, and if a really major flaw is discovered in the API design, I'll try to provide a deprecation cycle first before removing the flawed methods. The API has not changed in a backwards incompatible way since 1.0d25. All code that ran with 1.0d25 should not require recompilation to work with 1.0a1. Internal and backwards compatible changes since alpha 1 include:

I plan one more alpha release to fix the bugs with XSLT processing and FIXED ATTLIST declarations, and then it's on to beta. The beta releases will be pretty much feature complete and bug free, and focus mostly on finishing the documentation.