Java News from Wednesday, July 7, 2004

TimeSys has posted the maintenance review change log for Java Specification Request 1, Real-time Specification for Java. According to the note,

This change has two parts. The first part, which is the first item in the change log, is a rewrite of the specification for clarity. That clarification has resulted in a nearly complete re-write of the specification, but this change is not intended to express different semantics. It is intended to express the original semantics:

The deeper motivation for this re-write is that the 1.0 version of the RTSJ spec is sufficiently ambiguous that it leaves the RTSJ dangerously open to fragmentation.

The second part of the change is a list of minor API changes. Some of these changes would appear to break source compatibility with legacy applications, but these changes are harmless because they modify aspects of the RTSJ that were initially unusable. We (the authors of the revised spec) believe that the new APIs leave as much of the RTSJ working correctly (and as originally intended) as can be accomplished without making major changes. The deprecated classes are beyond repair.

Comments are due by August 9.

Frank Karlstrøm has posted the first beta (after several alphas) of JCache 1.0, an open source caching system for Java database-based applications based on the JSR-107 JCache API. JCache is published under the LGPL.