Java News from Saturday, October 2, 2004

The Legion of the Bouncy Castle has released version 1.25 of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography API, an open source, clean-room implementation of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE). It supports X.509 certificates, PKCS12, S/MIME, CMS, PKCS7, and lots of other juicy acronyms. It also includes its own light-weight crypto API that works in Java 1.0 and later, and does not depend on the JCE. New features in 1.25 include:

Plus a few significant bugs were fixed. Download it while it's still legal.

Bare Bones Software has released version 8.0.2 of BBEdit, my preferred text editor on the Mac. This release fixxes one bug in FTP/SFTP uploads that occurred in 8.0.1. BBEdit is $179 payware. Upgrades from 8.0 are free. Upgrades from earlier versions are $49 for 7.0 owners and $59 for owners of earlier versions.