Java News from Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sun's released Java 1.5 (Excuse me: Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0 Kit Java Development Kit 1.5 Java Legalese Marketing Speak Crap 15.0™). It's available for Linux, Windows, and Solaris. If you're so bothered by ClassCastExceptions and old-fashioned for-loops that you absolutely have to have the latest features, you may want to upgrade, but most users would be better served by waiting for the next .1 or _01 release when Sun should fix some of the numerous known bugs in this release, as well as probably a few more as yet unknown issues. Java 1.5 is not yet available for Mac OS X or Mac OS 9, and will probably never be available to 100% of the current installed Mac base. Apple seems likely to require an OS upgrade to get Java 1.5, and this will probably be available sometime in the first half of next year.

Subversion 1.1.0, an open source version control system designed to replace CVS, has been released. New features in 1.1 include: