Java News from Tuesday, September 7, 2004

The Apache Jakarta Commons Project has released JEXL 1.0. "Java Expression Language (JEXL) is an expression language engine which can be embedded in applications and frameworks. JEXL is inspired by Jakarta Velocity and the Expression Language defined in the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library version 1.1 (JSTL) and JavaServer Pages version 2.0 (JSP)." However, JEXL is not a compatible implementation of EL as defined in JSTL 1.1 and JSP 2.0.

ej-technologies has released Install4j 3.0.2, a $698 payware cross platform tool for building native installers and application launchers for Java applications. New features in 3.0.2 adds a couple of methods to the API.

YourKit, LLC has posted the seventh early access release of the YourKit Java Profiler 3.0, a 295€ payware tool for detecting memory leaks and memory consumption bottlenecks. It features Automation of memory leak detection, an object heap browser, JUnit integration, IntelliJ IDEA Borland JBuilder integration. Version 3.0 features a redesigned user interface including a new "Allocations HotSpots" view. It also allows you to see the merged call tree and back-traces for a method. The tool runs on Windows or Linux.