Java News from Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sun has officially released Java 6, Mustang for the usual platforms: Solaris, Windows, and Linux. This is not nearly as major a release as Java 5 is but there's a lot of cool stuff here including:

According to the "umbrella" JSR 270, the following JSRs are included:

All of these JSRs are now officially released in final form, as well. However,

The original submission of this umbrella JSR mentioned three potential component JSRs that will not, as it turns out, be part of Java SE 6.

What strikes me about most of the changes this time around is that, unlike Java 5, it's almost all stuff that could easily be added as 3rd party libraries in earlier releases. The core language is pretty much the same.

I've done some Java 6 work, but mostly I try to keep to Java 1.4 (or even 1.2) for anything major. I suspect most people take their time about upgrading these days.