Java News from Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oracle has submitted JSR-329: Portlet 2.0 Bridge for JavaServerTM Faces 1.2 Specification to the Java Community Process (JCP). According to the JSR,

The Java Portlet 2.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces 1.2 Specification defines the required behavior of a control environment designed to run in a JSR 286 portlet and JSF 1.2 runtime. Its control behavior allows a JSF application/view to be accessed as a Java portlet.

Because the portlet bridge lies between the portlet container and the Faces runtime, its behavior and function depends on the semantics each expresses and supports. Differing versions of either the Portlet specification or the Faces specification requires a distinct bridge specification and implementation to fully express all available function. Though JSR 301, in defining the Portlet 1.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces 1.2, provides a solid base for a Portlet 2.0 bridge the following new features in portlet 2.0 require a distinguished specification:

Comments are due by February 9.