Demo Installing FitNesse

  1. Download the latest binary zip file (20060719 at the time of this writing) from

  2. Unzip to create a folder named "fitnesse"

  3. Run (Unix) or run.bat (Windows) in the fitnesse folder. This launches a web server on port 80:

           FitNesse (20060719) Started...
            port:              80
            root page: at ./FitNesseRoot
            logger:            none
            authenticator:     fitnesse.authentication.PromiscuousAuthenticator
            html page factory: fitnesse.html.HtmlPageFactory
            page version expiration set to 14 days.

  4. Point your browser at http://localhost

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Copyright 2006 Elliotte Rusty Harold
Last Modified September 4, 2006