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This is a calendar of Java related trade shows. Shows I plan to attend are marked with a ATTENDING!. Shows where I am speaking are marked with a SPEAKING!. Instructions for adding shows are at the bottom of this page.

The Shows

OOP 2008, January 21-25, 2006, Munich, Germany

A solid practical conference for German speaking developers with a strong Java focus. Annual Conference, February 7-February 8, 2008, Fyen, Denmark

A vendor independent conference focused on Enterprise Open Source Java.

Software Development 2008 West, March 3-7, 2008, Santa Clara, California

A vendor-independent, non-academic trade show. Tracks include

  • Java
  • .Net
  • Business of Software
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Web Services Design

According to Bruce Eckel, "SD is best described as a teaching conference. There are half-day and full-day pre-conference tutorials, and during the conference all the talks are 1.5 hours long (I created both the C++ and Java tracks for the SD conference and chaired them for many years, and so I helped evolve this structure). All the subjects are intended to be well-established on the acceptance curve; this is a commercial conference and they want each topic to have a strong draw. SD is a good place to go in order to develop expertise, almost as if it were a multi-subject professional development seminar."

Architecture & Design World 2008, July 21-24, 2007, Chicago, Illinois

Architecture & Design World is an independent conference and trade show dedicated to the design and architecting of software systems, with an unbiased focus on the technology, not just the tools. Designed to help developers be more efficient and effective on the job, Architecture & Design World offers the information developers need to architect solutions for their development projects.

  • Architecture & Design World 2008 will attract architects and mid-level developers in a unique environment.
  • Tracks include: Agile Development & Methods, Modeling & Design, Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves, Service-Oriented Architecture, Solutions/Technical Architecture and Traditional Development & Methods.
  • Architecture & Design World 2008 will also focus on UML and modeling and how it fits into the overall development process.

Adding Shows to This Calendar

I will probably eventually design a form for submission of trade show listings; but until I do if you would like a trade show listed here, please email some HTML formatted information about it to Please keep the description brief and to the point. You should definitely include dates, locations, email addresses, phone numbers, web pages and pricing. You may also include highlights of the conference and featured speakers or exhibitors. Use the examples above for ideas.

Please do not include complete listings of everyone and everything that will be at your show. The more extraneous hype I have to remove, the longer it will take me to list your show. Anybody who sends me more than a couple of paragraphs about their show will receive some propaganda from me about my commercial web development and hosting services to assist you in setting up a web site for your show. In other words, this page is merely a calendar for the benefit of the interested public. It is not a substitute for your own advertising, on the Web or elsewhere.

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