Exercise Answers

These are the answers to the exercises and quiz questions from my book, The Java Developer's Resource. Most but not all of the answers are here yet. If you're having trouble with a particular problem that doesn't have an answer here, send me email and I'll put it on the top of my priority list. Also, if you have an interesting alternative answer for any of the problems I have here, send it to me, and I may include it here as well.

  1. Why Java's Cool
  2. Hello World
  3. Extending Hello World
  4. Numbers and Arithmetic
  5. Booleans and Flow Control
  6. Intro to OOP
  7. Polymorphism and Inheritance
  8. Packages
  9. Arrays and Vectors
  10. Writing Your First Applet
  11. Drawing Pictures
  12. Rectangles, Ovals, Polygons and Images
  13. Events
  14. Widget Wizardry
  15. More Widgets
  16. Layout Managers
  17. Windows, Dialogs, Frames and Menus
  18. Exceptions
  19. Taking Action with Threads
  20. Streams and Files
  21. Data Structures and java.util
  22. Javadoc
  23. Java and VRML
  24. Java Resources

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