Week 1 Exercises

  1. Get Hello World to work.

  2. Personalize the Hello World program with your name so that it tells you Hello rather than the somewhat generic "World."

  3. Write a program that produces the following output:

    Hello World!
    It's been nice knowing you.
    Goodbye world!
  4. Write a program that prints all the integers between 0 and 36.

  5. Imagine you need to open a standard combination dial lock but don't know the combination and don't have a pair of bolt cutters. Write a program that prints all possible combinations so you can print them on a piece of paper and check off each one as you try it. Assume the numbers on the dial range from zero to thirty-six and three numbers in sequence are needed to open the lock.

  6. Suppose the lock isn't a very good one and any number that's no more than two away from the correct number in each digit will also work. In other words if the combination is 17-6-32, then 18-5-31, 19-4-32, 15-8-33 and many other combinations will also open the lock. Write a program that prints out a minimal list of combinations you would need to try to guarantee opening the lock.

  7. Write a program that randomly fills a 10 component array, then prints the largest and smallest values in the array.

  8. Hand in the first page of a print out of the documentation for the java.text.DecimalFormat class.

  9. Hand in a screen shot of your web browser's Bookmarks or Shortcuts menu showing a bookmark for the Java class library documentation.

  10. Install jEdit. Hand in a screen shot of the program showing the hello world source code.

  11. Sign up for an account on utopia.

  12. Go to http://utopia.poly.edu and follow the instructions for signing up for a home page.

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