Java News from Friday, December 12, 2003

Cougaar 1.2 is a memory profiler that is not based on the Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface (JVMPI). "The profiler tracks memory usage within the application by using tables of WeakReferences. The developer selects which classes should be tracked and runs an automated classfile editor (using BCEL) to add profiling instructions to the constructors. Runtime statistics are maintained, such as the number of allocated and GC'ed instances, and additional detail can be enabled such as per-instance allocation time and allocation-point stacktrace." The user interface is provided as a servlet based, local web site. The license is unclear, but Cougaar seems to be at least free-beer.

SolarMetric Inc. has released Kodo JDO 3.0, an implementation of Sun's Java Data Objects (JDO) 1.0 specification plus "preview features of the upcoming JDO 2.0 specification." JDO permits Java objects to be transparently stored in relational databases. Version 3.0 adds:

Kodo JDO Standard Edition sells for $600 per developer license, and Kodo JDO Enterprise Edition sells for $3000 per developer license and adds J2EE application server support.