Java User Groups

Java user groups are springing up everywhere. I highly recommend joining one if there's one in your area. If there isn't one why don't you start one? It's not hard. You don't even need to know how to program in Java. You need an email address and a place to hold the first meeting. Things will pretty much roll from there.


The Capital District Java Developers Network, located in the Capital District of New York State, is a users' group dedicated to the JAVA™ platform Through its members, the JDN provides a unique forum for developers of all experience levels to engage in technology presentations, cross-training improving Java Skill sets and social interaction. The JDN accomplishes its mission through a member-built web site, monthly meetings at entertaining locations, short seminars, and contact with local & national software companies.


The Albuquerque Java User Group welcomes both experts and beginners interested in Java technology. Come share some knowledge with us. We are averaging about 25 members per meeting, and have a membership base of over 200 people. We charge no membership dues. Contact Dan at or Dwight Coles at

Alexandria, Egypt

AlexJUG is the Java User Group for Alexandria, Egypt. The aim of this group is to provide its memebers with community relations, fun, education, and job opportunities, all related to Java. It would aid in informally exchanging technical tips and product information. Enthusiasts are welcomed to join our group as long as their contributions would be in the field of Java. Contact Tamer Salama at

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Ann Arbor Java Users Group ( meets once a month at Washtenaw Community College. Meet other friendly Java professionals in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.


Java User Group Argentina (JUGAR)


Atlanta Java Users Group

Sumiyyah Rasheed is interested in starting or helping to start a JAVA user's group in the Atlanta/Stone Mountain Area. Send email to

Dong Zheng is interested in forming a Java user group in North Atlanta Area (North Fulton, Norcross, Alpharetta, Roswell counties). Please contact him at


The Australian Java User's Group has branches in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia.


UTJava at the University of Texas, Austin, is a group of UT students interested in promoting the use of Java in the UT community. To this end we invite speakers from the industry and faculty to present current usage of Java in business and academia. We also conduct tutorials on using various components of Java. Contact Tabrez Syed at for more info.


The Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG) is a vendor independent group that aims to promote Belgian awareness, knowledge and high-quality interchange of information about Java and it's related technologies.

Birmingham, Alabama

The Magic City Java User Group (MC-JUG) is organized to support the local Birmingham, Alabama developer community. Support services include:

Contact Ben Bernhard at if you're interested.

The Boston Java User Group (The Bean JUG) is open to all interested in Java and is intended to be vendor independent. We expect to meet monthly and cover basic tutorials, advanced technical topics, vendor presentations, and management topics as well. Speakers are invited.

To subscribe to the mailing list, for meeting reservations, or information, contact Maureen McMorrow at or 617/863-8400

The Web Tech Group is a special interest group (SIG) for Internet application developers sponsored by the greater Boston chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The Web Tech Group focuses on Internet application development tools and technologies, including Java, browser extensions (applets, plug-ins, ActiveX), and server extensions (NSAPI, ISAPI).

Boulder, Colorado

The Boulder Java Users Group has regularly scheduled meetings the 3rd Wednesday of every month in Boulder, Colorado. Contact


The Java RS - Rio Grande do Sul state Java group covers southern Brazil. Interested people should contact Leandro Indrusiak at

The Grupo de Usuarios Java do Brasil (Brasil Java Users Group - "BRJUG"), based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is focused on Java technologies (Applets, Servlets, Applications, RMI, JavaBeans, JDBC, tools etc). Its objectives are to:

For more information contact Leonardo Fichera at or 55-17-9740153


CALJUG is a Java User Group situated in Calcutta, India. CALJUG communicates through newsletter. To subscribe send an empty email to : It also meets about twice a month.


The Calgary Java Users Group is thriving. Regular CJUG meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 4:30 - 6:00 PM. Contact Carol Babin at


The Canberra Java Users Group (CJUG) is an informal group which meets on the last Wednesday of each month to talk about all things Java. Membership of is free For information about the group contact Sam Taylor at


The Chicagoland Java User Group covers Chicago and the Great Lakes region. Interested people may contact


Cincinnati Java Users Group

Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Internet Development/Java User Group was formed to serve as a platform for members of the business and technology community to share and gather information regarding Internet development strategies. This group, which will highlight Java and other proven Internet tools as they come to market, will focus on implementing Internet technologies to improve business processes.

Columbus, Ohio

Central Ohio Java Users Group (COJUG)


The Connecticut Java User Group's goal is to provide useful technical and management information, discuss new Java products and technologies, and share innovative ideas. To find out more about the group and its activities, visit the group's home page or contact Cyrus Maaghul at

Connecticut Object Oriented Users Group / Java SIG

Dallas/Fort Worth

The Java Metroplex User's Group exists to promote the use of Java, educate people about Java, and to make recommendations about improving Java back to Sun.

For information about the Dallas/Fort Worth Marimba User Group send email to

The North Texas PC Users Group / Java Programming SIG

Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Java Over-Easy Group for novice and intermediate developers


The Dansk Java Udvikler Klub (DJUK) (Danish Java Developers' Club/Group) has members from all over the country plus some expatriate Danes in the states. DJUK has no by-laws, dues or any other administrativia. What DJUK does is run a mailing list. for Danes and others who can speak Danish.

Javagruppen boasts members from the largest companies in Denmark. Contact Joern Larsen at for more information.

Denver, Colorado

The Denver Java Users Group (DJUG) focuses on technical programming and design issues in Java. The group regularly meets in Denver on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Contact info is on this page


The South Florida Java Users Group was established in December 1998 to serve the Java user communities in the tri-county areas of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.


The Java Cyber Club France is a resource center located in France. Its aim is to centralize the information for French speaking Java users and developers. Send email to or for more info.

Frankfurt, Germany
The Frankfurt Germany Java User Group.Contact Brian Enochson at

Dirk Boenning writes that a German Java User Group has been founded and can be reached at

Hamburg, Germany

Java User Group Hamburg


Sambal.ORG's goal is to create a central point in Holland for everyone interested in Java.

Houston, Texas

The Houston Java User Group meets at Rice University.


Java Felhasznàlòk Tàrsasàga (JFT)


The Illinois Java User Group (I-JUG)is a business-oriented user group dedicated to two goals:

  1. Communal education via small groups working on quick projects as well as via extensive resources.
  2. Design and development of business-oriented applications and applets which show Java's potential for the future.

The Indianapolis Java User Group


Irish Java User Group


The Israeli Java Users Group (IJUG) has more than 500 members. The goal of the IJUG is to promote the use of Java technologies in the enterprise and increase its market awareness by providing a forum with group meetings were Java developers will be able to share their experience and knowledge with other members. Contact Eedo Lifhsitz at for more information


Java Italian Association


Kansas City Java Users Group

The Kansas Java Users Group serves Java professionals in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. (both Kansas and Missouri). Contact for more information.


Java User Group of KPI (JUG KPI)

A Russian-speaking Java User's Group in the Ukraine.


Korea Java User Group (web site in Korean)


The Java Special Interest Group (JSIG) promotes awareness of Java and associated technologies by hosting Java technology seminars for Java developers and other professionals who want to:

It holds events in London and in Dublin, Ireland.

Little Rock

The RockJUG Java Users Group serves Little Rock area Java Developers and Industry. RockJUG hosts a monthly meeting and electronic forum for discussion of all things Java. Contact

Los Angeles

For information about the Los Angeles Java User's Group contact at Michael Mehrle


Java Users Group of Louisville (JUGL)

Manchester, New Hampshire
The The purpose of ManJUG is to maintain an exchange of Java expertise for Java developers. Membership is free. Anyone with an interest in Java is welcome to our monthly meetings. We meet the second Wednesday of every month. As a means of continuing our expansion of members, we ask that new members extend a few invites to friends for upcoming meetings.
Manchester, England

The Manchester Java Users' Group exists to provide a forum where Java developers can meet to discuss, share ideas and exchange information. The group aims to promote the use of Java technology and help increase knowledge and understanding through meetings and other events. Contact Malcolm Sparks at for more info.

Marin County, California

The Marin Java Discussion Group meets once a month in Marin County, California (just north of San Francisco).


If you are in the neighborhood of Southfield, Michigan you are welcome to be a member of this user group.

Minneapolis/St. Paul

The Twin Cities Java User Group is a blend of formal lectures and informal mingling for people interested in exploring, using, and researching the Java programming language. Monthly meetings include a one hour lecture on Java related issues (from various vendors such as Sun, Borland and Microsoft), with time set aside to meet others in the programming community.

The United States Java User Group / Twin Cities meets the Second Wednesday of the month at various locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Membership is free and all levels of users from students & hobbyists to professionals are encouraged to attend. Contact

Missouri and Kansas

The Midwest Regional Java Users Group Of Missouri & Kansas


Mario Cardinal is looking to start a Java Users Group in the Montreal (Canada) area. Interested users can contact him at

Mountain View/ Silicon Valley Java Users Group

The Mountain View/ Silicon Valley Java Users Group fosters mainly serious Java application developers. Email


Java User Group Netherlands (Nederlandse Java Gebruikers Groep) Contact

New Jersey

The mission of the New Jersey Java Users Group is to provide a forum in which Java users from New Jersey and the surrounding area can: learn more about Java, network with other people interested in Java, and have fun!

The Java Users Group is a special interest group sponsored by the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (ACGNJ), one of the oldest computer groups on the East coast. The Java Users Group is a forum for discussing beginner, intermediate, and advanced level Java programming. Topics will primarily focus on developing useful/practical applets and applications, but can include related topics such as Java I/O, JavaBeans, Reflection, object-oriented programming and software design issues. Contact Michael P. Redlich at

New York City
North Carolina

The UNC Java SIG meets meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in Sitterson 011.


JavaBin is the official Norwegian User Group. Based in Oslo, the JavaBin user group has existed since 1996. It holds monthly meetings with highly technical sessions on most Java APIs. Contact the JUG at or

Orange County, California

Contact Chip Wiley,, for information about the Orange County Java Users Group.


For further information on the Ottawa Java Users Group (OJUG) send email to

Palo Alto

The Java Special Interest Group of the Software Forum can be contacted at

Pasadena, California

The Internet Developer's Association of Los Angeles has a Java User's Group.


Central PA Java Users Group (CPA-JUG)




The Phoenix Java User's Group provides resources for Java developers in the Phoenix, AZ area. Contact for more info.

Pittsburgh PittJUG, the Pittsburgh Java Users Group is a group of professionals, enthusiasts, students, professors and others with a common interest in Java as a programming language and a development platform.

The Polish Java User Group


For information about the Portland Java User Group contact Jon Batcheller at

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

For information about the Triangle Java User's Group ontact

Rochester, New York

The Rochester Java Users Group's (RJUG) goal is to share, promote, and help people learn Java and Java related technologies. It is also to facilitate the practical use of Java as a programming language. Meetings focus on various Java-related issues and trends in the industry and are open to anyone in the community interested in the Java Language and Java related topics. The group meets on the third Wednesday of each month. Interested parties should visit the web site or contact Steve Hoffarth via email at or by phone (716) 425-2260.


FutureStep Java Users Group (Moscow/Russia)
Contact Sergei Agalakov at

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sonjaya T. Tandon would like to start a Java Users Group in Salt Lake City. If you're interested, send email to

The Salt Lake Java SIG is a Special Interest Group of the Utah Computer Society.

San Diego, California

The San Diego Java User's Group meets every 3rd Tuesday. The mission of SDJUG is to strengthen the San Diego Java community by providing an environment where our members can share their knowledge, discuss advances in related technologies, and promote the use of Java in their workplace. Contact

San Francisco

CityJava is an association of San Francisco Java development gurus. Membership is open to everyone interested in Java. CityJava provides training tutorials, application demos by users, question and answer sessions, and product demonstrations. CityJava meets monthly, on or about the second Thursday of the month. Dues are $50.00 per year

Sardegna, Italy

Il Java User Group Sardegna Onlus è una libera associazione senza scopi di lucro composta da appassionati del linguaggio di programmazione Java™ di SUN Microsystems, Inc. Le attività del JUG sono atte a favorire l'apprendimento, l'utilizzo e la diffusione del linguaggio Java presso gli iscritti, le aziende e gli enti del territorio regionale.


SeaJUG, the Seattle Java Users Group meets at the Union Square Boardroom, 600 University Street

Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley Java Users Group

(SVJUG) is a collection of people interested in the development, use, and promotion of the Java programming language. SVJUG meets on the second Wednesday of each month and membership is free.


JUGSI, the Java User Group of Slovenia has over 200 members. Its web pages are written in Slovenian (naturally enough).

Stamford, Connecticut

Contact Jose I. Arevalo at Jose@Fax.Com.

Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County Java Users Group

Springfield, Missouri

David Glenn is looking to start a Java Users Group in the Springfield Missouri area. Interested users can contact him at for more information, or they can call 417-886-0234 and ask for David Glenn or Noah Wood.

South Wales, UK

The Java User Group for South Wales

Staten Island

Jonathan Smith is trying to Start a Java User Group in Staten Island, New York. If you would like to be part of it send email to

St. Louis

Visit the web page of the St. Louis Java-SIG at or send email to

Saint-Petersburg. Russia

JUG.RU. is a community of developers that lives in Saint-Petersburg. Contact Yakov Sirotkin at

Stuttgart, Germany

The Java User Group Stuttgart (JUGS) meets in Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. for more info contact


The Java Association of Sweden may be contacted via email to Erik Bogghed,


The Sydney Java Users Group is focused on Java and Java-related technologies. Its goal is to further the information distribution of Java and the skill level of the group members.


The Java Users Group Switzerland (JUGS) aims at promoting concepts and uses of Java technology in Switzerland. It supports the exchange of experiences among its members within workshops, trainings and conferences. It also supports the cooperation among companies and academic institutes. The JUGS is founded as an interest group of the Swiss Informaticians Society (SI).


Frank Ming-Cheng Lin is starting a Java User's Group in Taiwan. If you're interested send email to or call Frank M. C. Lin at or call him at (886-2)23664205.

Torino, Italy

The Java Users Group Torino

Toronto, Canada

For info about the Toronto Java Users' Group send email to


Java Users Group, Turkey (JUGTR)


Tulsa Java Users Group

United States

The Java-SIG of the Sun User Group can be reached at

Membership in Java-SIG is included with membership in the Sun User Group.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Java Users Group


NoVaJUG, the Northern Virginia Java Users Group, exists to support the Java user community of the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. metropolitan area. NoVaJUG consists of Java users of all skill levels. There are no dues or fees and all are welcome.

The Southeast Virginia Java Users Group serves the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. (That includes the cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, and Newport News). It meets the third Tuesday of each month. Admission is free and there are no dues. Contact Matt Harrah at

Westchester, New York

The C++ SIG group of the Westchester Computer User's Group is expanding into Java. Interested parties should contact John Baran,, (914) 741-0807.

West Virginia

The JUG Band meets at HuskyLabs in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Contact David Larson Levine at

The Mountaineer Java Users Group (MtJUG) serves Java students, professionals, and dilettantes in the Morgantown, West Virginia area.


People interested in The Wisconsin Java User Group's should contact Jeff Erickson at

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