Java News from Tuesday, December 30, 2003 has released lint4j 0.51, a free-beer "static Java source code analyzer that detects locking and threading issues, performance and scalability problems, and checks complex contracts such as Java serialization by performing type, data flow, and lock graph analysis." I ran this across the XOM code base. It noted a few places where I could slightly simplify the code. However, it didn't find any real bugs or issues; and did report numerous false positives.

Codeca has released BugRoster 1.0.3, a $499 payware, web-hosted, multi-user defect tracking and reporting system.

YourKit, LLC has posted a beta of Memory Profiler 2.0, a 99€ payware tool for detecting memory leaks and memory consumption bottlenecks. It features Automation of memory leak detection, an object heap browser, JUnit integration, IntelliJ IDEA Borland JBuilder integration. The tool runs on Windows or Linux.