Java News from Monday, November 10, 2003

Excelsior has posted the third beta of FlawDetector 1.0, yet another lint-like static code checking tool for Java. This one is payware and runs only on Windows. FlawDetector is a JBuilder OpenTool, but can also be used from the command line. Pricing has not yet been announced for the release version.

jTunes is an open source iTunes clone written in Java. It uses Strangeberry's JRendezvous for music sharing, javazoom's javalayer for playing MP3s, and the iLeech Project's DAAP-part. jTunes is published under the LGPL.

Walter Stroebel has posted UML/Dot 0.1.0, a Java program that generates UML class diagrams from Java source or byte code. The diagrams are generated using GraphViz Dot. Java 1.4 is required. UML/Dot is published under the GPL.