Java News from Wednesday, November 12, 2003

R. Rawson-Tetley has posted an alpha of SwingWT, an open source, "100% pure Java library which very closely resembles the interface of Swing. The difference is that instead of using the Swing library, it drives native peer widgets from SWT" (the Eclipse GUI toolkit). With this library, Java/Swing applications can be compiled natively under Linux using gcj. It also allows SWing apps to use native widgets. SwingWT is published uner the Common Public License.

TriActive JDO 2.0 (TJDO) has been released. TJDO is an open source implementation of Sun's Java Data Objects specification that is "designed to support transparent persistence using any JDBC-compliant database." Supported databases include Cloudscape, DB2, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle 8i, PostgreSQL, SAP DB, and MS SQL Server. Features include:

TJDO is published under the Apache License.

Atlassian has released JIRA 2.5, a $1000 payware J2EE-based bug tracking and project management server application. According to Ben Naftzger, "JIRA 2.5 represents the biggest update to JIRA since its inception and adds many customer driven improvements such as bulk editing, internationalisation, more reports and project categories."