Java News from Thursday, November 13, 2003

Apple has posted Java Update 1.4.1 for Mac OS X 10.3. (Earlier releases of Mac OS are not supported.) This replaces the earlier, pulled release. According to the web page, "The Java Update delivers functional enhancements and improved stability for running Java applications and applets. It contains support for both Java 1.4.1 and Java 1.3.1. It is strongly recommended that all users install this update." I don't have a URL yet, but you should be able to download it through software update.

In addition, Java 1.4.2 Developer Preview 1 for Mac OS X 10.3 is now available to all registered Apple Developer Connection members members. According to Apple, "this a prerelease build which will overwrite the standard Java 1.4.1 installation on Panther. Please install this build on non-critical systems if you are concerned with changes that may affect your work or Java applications. The only way to revert to the standard Panther 1.4.1 will be to archive or erase reinstallation of Panther."

The Mozilla Project has released Bugzilla 2.16.4, the popular open source bug tracking system. This release fixes various bugs including three security bugs found in Bugzilla 2.16.3. It's also more compatible with MySQL 4 and Perl 5.8. All 2.16.x users should upgrade.

William Ready has released JWizardComponent 1.2, an open source Swing component that presents information to the user in a step-by-step manner such as those used in many installers. JWizardComponent is published under the LGPL.

The Big Faceless Organization has released the Big Faceless PDF Library 2.0.1, a $400 payware (more if you want support) Java class library for creating PDF documents. The $1000 Extended Edition adds the AcroForms support, digital signatures, and the ability to import and edit and existing PDF documents. 2.0.1 is a bug fix release. Java 1.2 or later is required.