Java News from Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Eclipse Project has posted the fifth milestone beta of Eclipse 3.0, an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. It also doubles as a base platform for your own applications, an alternative to the AWT and Swing, and a powerful floor wax and dessert topping. New features since milestone 4 include

The Big Faceless Organization has released the Big Faceless PDF Library 2.0.2, a $400 payware (more if you want support) Java class library for creating PDF documents. The $1000 Extended Edition adds the AcroForms support, digital signatures, and the ability to import and edit and existing PDF documents. 2.0.2 is a bug fix release. Java 1.2 or later is required.

Frederic Lavigne posted version 1.2.7 of his Skin Look And Feel for Java. SkinLF allows Java developers to use Skins (GTK and KDE themes) in their Swing applications. This release supports theming text component borders and JDK 1.4 frame decoration. It also provides theme converters to port themes written for other skin engines to SkinLF themepacks. This release adds support for the indeterminate progress bars introduced in Java 1.4. Java 2 is required.