Java News from Monday, April 26, 2004

JavaZOOM has released MP3 SPI 1.9 for Java Sound, an open source plug-in that provides MP3 audio format support. This enables you play MP3s from Java and to query audio properties and metadata such as bitrate, channels, frequency, duration , title, album, artist, genre, and track.

Gert Van Ham has released JCE taglib 1.0, an open source library based on the Java Cryptography Extension that adds strong encryption and message digests to Java Server Pages (JSP). JCE taglib is published under the LGPL. has released version 3.5 of JDebugTool, a standalone graphical Java debugger built on top of the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA). This release now uses toString() methods more frequently when displaying objects. JDebugTool is $99 (personal)/$199 (corporate) payware.

Excelsior has posted the second beta of JET 3.6 for Linux. Excelsior JET is a Java virtual machine that uses a combination of a traditional native code compiler and just-in-time compilation from byte code. This release speeds up the JIT. JET costs start at 200 and run up to $2300 depending on which version and how much support you want. Support is available by e-mail and Web site only.

Tom Copeland has released PMD 1.7, an open source tool for automatically checking Java code for various classes of bugs. PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems including:

1.7 is mostly a bug fix release, but it does improve the Use Singleton Rule in a couple of ways.

IBM's alphaWorks has released version 1.2.1 of the IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4, a Java class library for working with MPEG-4 video and audio. Version 1.2.1 can now playback Shoutcast MP3 live streams. Various bugs have been fixed too.