Java News from Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Sleepycat Software has released Berkeley DB Java edition 1.5.1. Berkeley DB JE is a non-relational embedded database written in Java. The data is exposed through "a Java Collections-style interface, as well as a programmatic interface similar to the Berkeley DB API." Licensing is unclear to me, but it seems to be some weird form of semi-viral open source license. 1.5.1 is a bug fix release. Java 1.4.2 or later is required.

The Big Faceless Organization has released the Big Faceless PDF Library 2.2.4, a $400 payware (more if you want support) Java class library for creating PDF documents. The $1000 Extended Edition adds the AcroForms support, digital signatures, and the ability to import and edit and existing PDF documents. Version 2.2.4 isa bug fix release. Java 1.2 or later is required.