Java News from Friday, December 17, 2004

The Cafes,, and may or may not be unresponsive for a few hours this morning until DNS caches get cleared. I've switched over from my old SDSL line to a faster and cheaper ADSL line, which necessitated a change in the static IP address. However, everything else went unbelieveably smoothly. The line's a lot faster, and I now have absolute control over my firewall and NAT which should make integrating new servers much easier. I should have done this a year ago.

JetBrains is running one of their periodic sales on IDEA, $249 until January 15, half off the usual price.

JXTA J2SE 2.3.2 has been released. JXTA "is a set of open protocols that allow any connected device on the network ranging from cell phones and wireless PDAs to PCs and servers to communicate and collaborate in a P2P manner. JXTA peers create a virtual network where any peer can interact with other peers and resources directly even when some of the peers and resources are behind firewalls and NATs or are on different network transports." Version 2.3.2 is API and protocol backwards compatible with previous 2.x releases. It fixes bugs and improves performance and scalability.

IBM's alphaWorks has updated the JAR Class Finder, an Eclipse plug-in for finding JAR files containing a given class for the Java build path of a project, thus helping fix NoClassDefFound errors. This release adds support for Eclipse 3.1 and removes support for Eclipse 2.x. It also saves the search history across restarts.