Java News from Friday, December 3, 2004

I've posted a new article on The Cafes about Swing's ProgressMonitorInputStream class. This article was originally written a few years ago for a site that's now defunct, but it's still useful today.

Siemens AG has posted the early acces draft for JSR 230, Data Synchronization for J2ME. According to the draft,

This JSR will be a J2ME optional package that can be used with the J2ME configurations CLDC and CDC. It enables applications to synchronize their application specific data stored in the terminal with corresponding data stored on a server, replicating any changes made to either instance of the data. It provides a generic interface to the data synchronization device implementation, to enable data synchronization via underlying implementations of data synchronization protocols. One example of the data synchronization protocols to be accessed from Java applications will be SyncML / OMA Data Synchronization. The API provides a common set of synchronization commands independently from the underlying synchronization framework’s implementation. The API covers the following aspects:

The reference implementation of the API will be based on SyncML / OMA . Therefore the design very closely follows the terminology and reference architecture defined by SyncML/OMA DS specifications. Nevertheless the JSR API should be adaptable to other data synchronization standards such as IrMC or vendor specific data synchronization APIs that come with operating systems.