Java News from Monday, February 16, 2004

To everyone who's written me asking about the analog ripper program, I'm still looking. There've been several suggestions, but so far none of them have come close to meeting my criteria. There are many programs for ripping analog input to MP3s or other formata. However, automatically splitting the tracks and filling in the metadata seems to be beyond what anyone's attempted, even though it's been proved possible to do. I think there's a realy market opportunity here. If I do find anything, I'll let you know.

The Jakarta Apache Project has released HTTPClient 2.0. "Although the package provides basic functionality for accessing resources via HTTP, it doesn't provide the full flexibility or functionality needed by many applications. The Jakarta Commons HttpClient component seeks to fill this void by providing an efficient, up-to-date, and feature-rich package implementing the client side of the most recent HTTP standards and recommendations....Designed for extension while providing robust support for the base HTTP protocol, the HttpClient component may be of interest to anyone building HTTP-aware client applications such as web browsers, web service clients, or systems that leverage or extend the HTTP protocol for distributed communication." A few bugs have been fixed since the last release candidate.

Michael Clark has posted JMemProf 0.7, an open source (LGPL), live Java memory profiler suitable for deployment in Web containers such as JBoss and Tomcat. JMemProf can retrieve memory profile information from a running application. This release adds support for Solaris.

Websina has released BugZero 3.4.1, a $999 payware Web-based bug tracking system that supports multiple projects, group-based access, automatic bug assignment, file attachment, email notification, and metric reports. Bug Zero is written in Java and can run on top of various backend databases including MySQL. 3.4.1 is a bug fix release.