Java News from Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Has anyone else noticed that the voice timings on FX's Buffy repeats seem a little off lately? I don't notice it when watching the DVDs. Is FX perhaps using Bill Hendershot's Time Machine for chopping frames out of shows and speeding up the voices so they can squeeze in more commercials?

IBM's alphaWorks has posted the Abstract User Interface Markup Language (AUIML) Toolkit. This tool allegedly enables "developers to write an application once and run it in Java Swing or on the Web without any changes. The AUIML Toolkit includes the AUIML VisualBuilder, which is an Eclipse-based visual panel editor built on top of the Eclipse Visual Editor Project. The AUIML VisualBuilder allows developers to easily build user interfaces and generate Java data and event-handling code for them. Additional Java code can be written to AUIML's API to control application flow, data validation, and to listen for events. Once the application is implemented, it can be deployed as a Java Swing application or as an HTML servlet without changing the application's code."