Java News from Friday, February 6, 2004

Paul Browne has posted NoUnit, an open source (GPL) tool for statically analyzing unit test coverage that works at the method level. This contrasts with dynamic tools like Clover and Jester that actually analyze the test coverage by running the test and can report on test coverage at a statement level of granularity. Version 0.7 integrates with Ant, uses Log4j for logging, and is now compatible with Java 1.4.

Martin Jericho has released the Jericho HTML Parser 1.0, an open source (LGPL) Java library for parsing, analysing and modifying HTML that ignores any server-side code/markup or invalid HTML. It includes an HTML form analyser.

Omnicore has posted build 721 of the CodeGuide 6.1 integrated development environment for Java. This release features full support for Java 1.5. CodeGuide costs $398 and runs on Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X.

The JavaPLT group at Rice University has posted a new build of DrJava, an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for Java that supports interactive evaluation of expressions. " This development release of DrJava includes a few bug fixes and a few new features. Most notable are the addition of forward brace matching as well as an option to allow access to private and protected members of classes in the Interactions Pane." DrJava is published under the GPL and requires JDK 1.3 or later.

ReportMill Software, Inc. has released ReportMill 7, a payware application reporting tool. Version 7.0 uses a native XML file format for report templates. These can be written with a GUI tool. It can generate Excel, PDF, HTML, Flash, and Swing GUIs. Costs start at at $495 per developer and $4,995 for a single processor deployment license.