Java News from Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Dan Creswell has released Blitz JavaSpaces 1.1.3, an open source (BSD license) implementation of JavaSpaces that is Jini 2.0 enabled. It implements smart indexing, tuneable persistence, and active/passive lease cleanup.

Stefan Palme has released HBCI4Java 2.4.7, an open source Java class library for the HBCI home banking interface that supports 2.01, 2.1, 2.2, and HBCIplus (with PIN/TAN support). HBCI4Java is published under the GPL. The main web page is in German, but the Sourceforge page is in English.

Hugues Pisapia and Marc Gimpel have posted JSpeex 0.9, an open source "Java port of the Speex speech codec (Open Source/Free Software patent-free audio compression format designed for speech). It provides both the decoder and the encoder in pure Java, as well as a JavaSound SPI." JSpeex is published under a BSD license.